sábado, 26 de outubro de 2013

Nostalgic Piano is sampled from a Steinway Model D grand piano,it has a great ,deep ,clear lush sound,and sounds amazingly great in the mix or at solo .It can be used for songwriting of classical music,or other styles from jazz to pop.My goal was to make the smallest sample library in size ,yet the best sound quality, realistic piano to use in your productions and in your favorite host.forget about huge libraries occupying huge amounts of gb in your pc,Nostalgic Piano is about 100 mb in space,providing amazing expressivness of 12 velocity layers and meticulously fine tuned,realistical sample loops points on each 264 samples...and best of all,a cheap price of only 10€.


-SFZ format
-12 velocity layers
-264 samples 44.1kHz stereo
-realistic decay/sustain/release times
-meticulous sample loop points providing reduced sample library
(yet still maintaining the same sound quality)


only 10€

Sound examples(only a little bit of room reverb added):

buy from here: